Olympic day & Theater

In this retrospective corner we want to call up two great events that took place in Fultz last year, showing you the amazing front-stage-and-back-stage-work that was done to bring these events to life.


Traditional Olympic run

Olympic Day

Olympic Day!… It is worldwide known as a day to get active and enjoy sport, and also to be a day-to-remind-to-yourself that having a sportive life isn’t limited only in this-time-of-the-year. Even when you think about it, or say it out loud, a strange but strong feeling or thought of pride, fulfillment, joy and success cross your mind. Personally when I think of it, the first thing that comes into my mind is the “Gladiator” theme song: “Now we are free” and the Olympic Flame burning and glowing in a perfect background of a triumphing and glory marching. Isn’t it like this?

And in Fultz it is not anything less!!! And above all it is a Tradition.

“All sports for all people”, the famous saying of Pierre de Coubertin is the leading motto of Fultz’s Physical Education Department.

The Olympic Day in Fultz is the finalization of all year round events. The number of sportive events such as football, basketball, volleyball is 165 and number of students that were part is over 600. And all this comes to a glorious end. The celebration of the Olympic Day took place on 13th of May.

It started with the lighting of Olympic torches, following next the Olympic Run around Harry Fultz’s campus, to gather up at our new football field. It continued with the lighting of Olypic flame, the balloon-show, an aerobic dance and the cheerleaders show. Later on the celebration moved on to the new auditorium to continue with some presentations for the all year round events in Fultz and last but not least, awarding certificates to the best participating students.

This day is much more than two hours of celebrating, is the finalization of hard-working days. And for this we feel proud and are encouraged to do better this year! And finally Physical Education Department deserves a big Thank You! Looking forward to this year’s Olympic Day, building Tradition again!


“The stage is a magic circle where only the most real things happen.”

And we are luckythat theater in Fultz is becoming a real tradition.

Lets go back in time, to the days when the new auditorium of Fultz was full of students, teachers, parents applauding a group of students with a flaming passion.

On 12th May, an old comedy “Shi ne Plazh” from 1984, and on 3rd June another


“Shi ne plazh” comedy cast

comedy “Milioneri” from 2003 were brought to life, this time by Fultz’s theater club. In fact these days were just the big final of all the hard-work and no-i-am-not-giving-up days that became the cornerstone of these “glory days”. This means writing down the screenplay while watching the play on computer over and over again, learning the lines, learning the jokes (laughing endlessly on them), working on them as a group after class, creating the posters and invitations, collecting the stage-materials, and above all, kind-of-living with the play (You should know that for months we have been calling each other with our character’s names, and it is a funny continuing phenomenon). I said the “glory day”… Yes, it was the day of emotions and shinning. Setting up the stage, putting on the small and last details (that would make the difference), the make-up and hair, dresses, stage lighting and audio effects. We had to take care of everything until the last minute, simply because we wanted it to be perfect. And then… Show Time!!! Going up on the stage, feeling your knees weak before


“Milioneri” comedy cast

the whole audience, and then your voice cracks the ice and there it goes, the words easily find their way, you move and improvise, simply play, and when you hear the laughter and watch the faces of your friends with big smiles on them, your heart bursts and melts at the same time. You did it!!! It’s a whole new and great feeling that just lifts up your spirit. As part of the team, and as an actress in the first comedy I assure you it is a marvelous experience. And to sum up: a very big Thank You to all of the people who made this possible: the school board for giving us the chance, the literature teachers for leading and helping, the theater club’s team for always helping and to all of you that encouraged us and liked our work.


Break a leg this year!