Interview with the President

October in “Harry Fultz” always comes like this. A breathtaking and overwhelming spirit, a little curiosity, some rumors here and there, thoughtful thoughts… This period of time has always been my favorite, and not without a cause. Presidential campaigns in our school are always interesting to follow. Our students have always come together, ready to stay close to each other and help one another when needed. Unlike past years, this year’s presidential campaign came more special and unique. The only candidate for the post of the president of our school was Aldi Shehu, who satisfactorily fulfilled all the criteria to this task in a perfect way. Aldi is studying on the professional electronics branch, currently in his 4th year. These four years in “Harry Fultz” gave him so many challenges and duties, but he also contributed with his skills. On his third year, Aldi lead our school’s newspaper of our school, “Laboremus”, as the Editor-in-Chief. Completing therefore the desire of every staff member to publish the school newspaper every month, bringing our students to a new era of “Laboremus”. Not only that, but Aldi was always ready to take part in any activity the school organized.

“We want to influence the daily life of every student in Harry Fultz; that’s why we want to come, not ahead of the students but among them.” -Aldi Shehu

Interview with the president:
1) The question that always arises at such moments: What encouraged Aldi to run for president? Was this a long-term plan for you, which you have been thinking of in the previous school years?
Successful plans are those kind of plans thought and studied for a really long time. Being the president of the “Harry Fultz” senate requires more than good grades, so I have to say that I was thinking about this post long ago and I actually did have a rough plan. What prompted me to run is the fact that I want to stay in the minds of the people I work with. I am here to give an example and to do well. What I want to strongly emphasize in my cause and friends is that we want to influence the everyday life of every student here in Fultz and the major work will certainly start soon enough to reach the goals we set.

2) With How would you like to describe this presidential year in “Harry Fultz” with a short sentence?
The expression that I use the most: “Mobilis In Mobili” means “moving within the moving element”. We will always be moving and changing, we want and will make a fantastic year. Activities, clubs and fantastic parties will make it an active year and this is what we actually aim for. I see it as a personal responsibility to trace not only inside the walls of Fultz but also among the hearts of our students.

3) Can you briefly tell us about your ideas and the program you choose to attend this academic year?
The program contains a lot of points and I cannot talk about all of it in an interview. You can find the program in the leaflet distributed throughout the classroom. I will mention only four main and most important points regarding this presidential year.
The first point is to establish an annual activity plan in collaboration with department heads. Meetings and consultations will be held with the annual programs of the departments and the senate will organize some of these activities. The plan will be passed to every senator and anyone can choose where to participate as a simple activist and then as an organizer.
The second point are the clubs, one of the most important points when talking about the daily life of students in our school. We will give life to some new clubs and we will develop and assist existing clubs. New clubs will be: “The Programming Tlub”, “The Mathematics Club” and “The Entrepreneurship Club”. Latter clubs will be brought back this year to the students. Existing clubs that will contribute will be the clubs of physics, robotics, literature, theater, business and of course sports.
The third point is the most important point this year. The “Fultz Gives” initiative will take life in order to help families in urgent need for help. We will start as soon as possible and of course we will have collaborations with out-of-school organizations that are more consolidated in this field.
The last point is “the box of complaints” on the second floor of the A building. It is a place where students can express their concerns in addition to the senator or guardian teacher. Seriousness is needed because every complaint and request will be reviewed.


4) Which of your goals will be the most interesting and most beloved to complete in your opionion?

The most interesting and most important goal is the “Fultzi Gives” initiative. We are aiming for a very high cause that each participant will carry as a memory and experience throughout life. We have to understand that someone outside the walls of the house and school needs us so we have to contribute. Contribution can be anything, from clothing, food, to money. Something you might not need today, to someone else may do a lot of work. Let’s give a great message, not only to our students but also to the whole Albanian society.


5) One year ago, you were the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Laboremus”, today the president of the school. Your friends must be very proud of your achievements, but do you think that Harry Fultz Institute gives its students the comfort they need to prepare them for success in the future?

As far as the fact that I have gone through all the positions that Fultzi provides to a student, comes only as a result of the dedication that each of us can have. There is no talent, there is only hardwork. Work always gets paid off.
One of the reason why my friends feel comfortable, and for whom I am very grateful, is that I was close to them in every step I took. Fultz offers a lot of teaching as well as in the part of extracurricular engagement. A student’s ability in Fultz is related to the way she or he manages time, both in and outside the school. Of course, the conditions of teaching and the level of teachers are highly standard, without wanting to underestimate the other High Schools of Tirana.

6) Lastly, what is your message to all your supporters, and not only?
It’s not a message for the supporters because they are the friends I work with. The only thing left to say is that hardwork always beats talent. If each of us works hard, we will have an unforgettable year and will be a very valuable contribution. Thank you!